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Sridar Elumalai

52 Things you didn’t know about me

In 2010, I thought about the new direction I am going to take with my website. From now on, I aim to be more candid here, and I am going to start by sharing a little bit more about myself. Most of you who have followed me for a while now may know all about my IT Profession, Art, Photography, Travel and adventures; but unless you’ve traveled with me or met me in person, there are probably a lot of things you don’t know about me.

As a first step thought I should share things about me that I have never told too many people. Let’s start…

1. Misconception
Many people think I am Creative.  But I work in mysterious and often paradoxical ways.

2. I was a Researcher
15 years back, I was doing research before Switching to IT, deciding that research wasn’t what I wanted to do in life.

3. We all think the same way
All in my family got the same travelling hormone in our blood.

4. I travel without a Plan
 I never sort out a plan for where I want to go.  This comes as a surprise to a lot of people.  I usually don’t pre-book hotels in advance unless there is an absolute need.

5. I don’t travel with friends and families
Since there is no plan and defined route I normally don’t travel with friends and families. I usually chase the sun to rise or set.

6. Professional gears
If at all, I go with friends for the outing, I prefer leaving my professional photo gears at my home.

7. Even when I’m not travelling
 I spend my time obsessing photography, art and travel

8. Before I started travelling I was a village boy
I grew up in a small town in Asia. Till today, I like countryside more than the concrete world.

9. My In-house geologist.
When my son was 6 years of age he asked me to point out Reykjavik in a map and I placed my finger somewhere near Russia.
My son changed a lot of things in my life– I’ve acquired quite a lot of  Travel info and Geographic Location tips from Krish. He is my Geo Guru.

10. My In-house doctor.
My wife is my family doctor.

11. My sleeping habit.
Sometimes, I unconsciously jerk my leg when sleeping.

12. I like Taiwan
I don’t know why I like Taiwan. Taipei is the city, which I want to visit again. My other favourites are Mount Fuji and Osaka in Japan.

13. I am allergic to Rides
One activity that I really don’t enjoy is theme park – fun rides. As a family, we don’t like Theme parks. We don’t like Disney!

14. I play Tablas, Flute and Shenai
Many people don’t know, I play few music instruments. I got my first Tabla at the age of 24. I bought a professional Harmonium to practice but I didn’t continue. Instead, inspired by Bismillah Khan’s shehnai show I bought one and learnt it along with flute.

15. I used to be a computer game developer
I have always been a computer geek. 1997 I got my first computer. After graduation, I spent one year part time developing computer games for a small Montreal-based Canadian company called Simusoft 3D. I worked with a 7 member team to build a 3D game engine and testing characters using an engine called “Frazer Engine”

16. Canada Connection
Many people think I am new to Canada. It all started way back in 2001. I incorporated a Game Development Company in Canada (Yukon) in 2001.

17.  I taught Fine Arts to Students
I worked as part-time Art teacher in an Art Institute for 3 years during graduation.

18. I ignore people who are
Religious Nuts, bad time keepers, Money making machines, Conceited and Ethnocentric

19. I did not learn how to Sketch or Paint
For some reason, it came naturally to me. I had never been to Art School or Learnt Art from a Guru.

20. I learnt martial arts
Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little but I was into karate when I am young and became quite good at it in my school days. I hold a Blue belt.

21. I’m really bad at remembering names, roads and locations
I don’t remember road routes, person names or locations. I usually need to meet a person at least three times before I can associate him/her with a name.

22. Business and friends
I don’t sell my knowledge or services to my friends or to be- friends. Mail me for the Promotional Code. For certain services, you will get 30% offer based on my time and availability.

23. My favourite meal
It is my Wife’s Veg Briyani

24. I am a very deep planned sleeper
I plan my sleep mostly. I sleep well when I want to sleep. Even the loudest sound can’t wake me up. I normally go to bed at 10. When I Sleep I sleep like a stone.

25. Sleep and caffeine
I need minimum 8+ hours of sleep and caffeine to function correctly.

26. I read Indian History and Psychology
If at all I read I read only these two topics. My father is a master in Indian History and Psychology. Somehow I got into a lot of reading in my childhood days about Mogul’s Invasion and Pavlov’s Psychology theories.

 27. Favorite Book
My favourite is Mein Kampf, Hitler’s first book.

28. TV – Movies – Documentaries
I don’t like watching TV programs or shows. I like world war movies and Documentaries. My favourite documentary is – The Diary of Anne Frank from BBC.

29. I like Social Media
Most of my updates happen when I travel in public transit.

 30. British Connection
My family business is Photography. My grandfather was a Camera Man / Theater Artist worked for Royal British in early 1930’s in India.
My love for taking pictures started when I was 8 years old.

31. Speaking of film
I know manual photo printing, preparation of photo developers and fixers.

32. My List
I have a list – “136 Places to visit before I die”. So far I covered 56 places / 32 countries.

33. Script and VO
I am Script Writer and a Voice Over Artist. Worked with major names – Discovery/NatGeo.

34. 3D hobbyist
I am a 3D hobbyist. I modelled 3D characters and worked on Textures. I can simulate Maya particles (Mummy Sand Animation – Simulation) and work on Maya Dynamics.

35. Sing and Dance
I sing aloud and dance around like a complete idiot when I’m at home with my son and wife.

 36. Alcohol and Smoke
In my whole life, I have never drunk any alcohol or smoked anything. I will die without tasting these two.

37. My Hero
My Son is my biggest hero, I’m so much like him, sometimes wish I was more so and sometimes less. My son is perfect in every way and I’m enjoying watching him get older.

38. Shower and Brush
I brush my teeth in the shower.

39. My Inspiration
The person who said “You can’t do it”

40. Shopping
I hate all forms of shopping.

41. Obsession
I’m obsessed with old, black and white pictures of New York City and Varanasi. I’m obsessed with web and technology.

42. Clean before I go
I clean my entire home and make it look like a glass before I go for a Photographic Trip.

43. H20
I drink normally at least 10 cups of water before I got to bed.

44. Sports
I play table tennis very well.

45. Birthday
I don’t celebrate my birthday. I will keep quite on that day.

46. Stocks
I am in Stock Markets.

47. God – Man
I believe there are only 2 kinds of people in the world, the one who says “He is the God” and the others “I am the God”.

48. Road Trips
I love road trips. Whatever may be the distance I will be the driver. The maximum distance I covered in 3 days driving is 3869 Kms.

49. Beard and Glass
I grew beard and wear eye glasses during my college days.

50. Movies and popcorn
I hate eating popcorn while watching movies in theatres.

51. My Luck
I use an old polythene bag,  to carry my few camera accessories for the last 11 years.
I try to wear the same T-shirt for photo tours. I think these are my lucky items.

52. My younger Son
His name is Kittu, my pet dog.

There are 56,895,12456 things I want to do in my life ….If you want to know all, subscribe to my website…!!!

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